I am currently working as full-time Lecturer in German at UCC, where I have taken over the following undergraduate modules:

I am responsible for the delivery of the entire modules, including lesson and assessment design, teaching, and marking student work. I also continue to teach on the German Language Course for Final Year students of German, as well as the modules on ICT of the Localisation Industry at MA level which I developed myself back in 2014 (more details below).

As part of my current role, I have designed another module which is introduced at UCC for the first time. My new module Introduction to Translation Theory and Industry is offered to Final Year students of German from January 2018. This module draws on my background in Translation Studies and broadens the scope of modules available at the Department of German by covering a field of research that was previously not offered to undergraduate students. My module provides students with an overview of the main theories of translation and their development, focusing mainly on linguistic and functional approaches to translation, the cultural turn in Translation Studies, and translation in the digital age which includes crowdsourcing, machine translation and localization. Students also learn about relevant technologies with a particular focus on translation memory systems.

Finally, I am coordinating the Work Placements abroad for Third Year students of Commerce with German who are currently on their Erasmus year in Germany or Austria. This involves the approval of placement locations, covering legal aspects of placement agreements, regular contact with students regarding their progress, as well as the assessment of students’ learning journals, work placement reports, and presentations.


Previous to my current role, I have been a Teaching Assistant at the Department of German and a Lecturer with the School of Languages and Cultures at UCC since September 2013. I was involved in the following modules:

German Language Courses
As part of the team, I teach Discussion and Essay Writing skills within a larger language module. I have been teaching Second and Final Year students on this. I have also been involved with oral examinations of First, Second, and Final Year students.

Introduction to German Literature
I have been holding the lectures for all First Year students of German, as well as teaching one of the tutorial groups which accompany the lectures. The topics I covered are a 12 week introduction to Drama and Film.

Constructing and Deconstructing German National Identity
I was responsible for the delivery of the entire module, including lesson design, teaching, and marking student presentations and essays. This module bears the closest connection to my PhD project.

ICT of the Localisation Industry
This is a new module to UCC which I have designed on my own. The School of Languages and Cultures tasked me with developing a module which would combine the students’ language skills with computer technology. Drawing on my background in Translation Studies, the module I designed focuses on the localisation industry. Localisation means the translation of computer software and the module introduces students to the challenges and the technologies involved in translation, the many different players of the industry, as well as the role of project management. This module has now been running since January 2015 and continues to be offered at Masters level, including students of the MA in Languages and Cultures and the MA in Translation Studies.

Ideas of Europe: Imagining European Identity (discontinued)
In 2014-2015, while also teaching a few hours on it, I mainly coordinated this module which was taught by three other members of staff.

Interpreting Heinrich von Kleist’s Prose Fiction
I have covered some seminar hours on some of the shorter works by Kleist, especially on Die Marquise von O… and its film adaptation by Éric Rohmer.

Translation Project (German)
I held a series of practical computer lab sessions for the MA students in Translation Studies to practice their translation skills while making use of different translation programmes.